# Description
1 Construction of Arabic Language Faculty at Madinah Islamic university
2 Saudi Bank at Madinah
3 Construction of school model 22/880 girls at Deriah Riyadh
4 Construction of school model 18/540 girls at Erga Riyadh
5 Construction of 4 schools 18/540 girls at Tabuk
6 Construction of 11 schools model 22/880 girls at Madinah
7 Construction of 2 schools model 22/880 girls at Yanbu
8 Construction of 2 schools model 22/880 girls at Badr
9 Construction of hospital 200 bed at Hanakeya Madinah
10 Construction of 5 Story Buildings & Villas at Tabuk University
11 Science Faculty Construction Work for Baha
12 Construction Works For Faculty Of Science At Baha 1
13 Air condition, Fire Protection, Sanitary Works in Science Faculty Baha
14 Air condition, Fire Protection, Sanitary Works in Faculty of Society Baha
15 Air condition, Fire Protection in Medical Tower Baha
16 Works of LG for engineering and building\Imam University (522 Villa Fan Tobas)
17 Works of Vila Atah Alla - Oiah Branch
18 works of Sa Seit Beach (Ghrub Beach) in Dammam
19 Works of Con Zon in Riyadh
20 Implementing works of glass facades of buildings, structural Glazing and cartnol
21 Implementing works of facades of Kaladeq, and facades of glass fcr buildings of Saudi telecom in Marasalat Zone
22 Implement the works of structural glazing, Automatic Doors, and work of formless in British Bank
23 Implementing of wood counters for branches of Kubobag in Riyadh, Khuber, Dammam, and Qater
24 Works of wood counters, printings, in Alkharej and Sharorah
25 Works of wood counter in security forces hospital
26 Implementing of works of haf Abayien in Bahrain
27 Works of Dr. Cafe Coffee in Riyadh
28 Implementation works of Aksuwai company LTD in Riyadh, Khuber, Damam, Alqassim
29 Works of Altiafiah company for trading and construction
30 Works of Arabic Compay for Trading and constructions
31 Works of American Compound in Kharej
32 Works of Bank Hong Kong
33 Implementation of works of building Sharada Building
34 Implementation of work of trans Asia
35 Implement of Aico works
36 Works of Ragensh Ashram
37 Works Rahaga Point
38 Projects of counters posten forming in security forces ospital- Alsiteen Street in Makaz, Hospital of Kharej, Shrarah Military Hospital (Shamiel Alkhaleg compay for trading
39 Project of Saudi British Branch, cross Oliyah Street with Makah Road (AlTaifiyah company)
40 Project of building Bader Bin Saad Alogelan - Makkah road (Almaharieyaon AlSuadiyoun)
41 Project of Alsalama Hotel exit 15 (establishment for constructions)
42 Counter project - AlRass Hospital (Almansourivah Establishment)
43 Project of building engineering consultation - crossing Jarrer Street with Alasaha Street
44 Project of shows LG king Fahad Street, (AlRiyadh company for Urban Development)
45 Project of AlBadiyah Zone- Establsihmnet of Jamal Fawaz AlSanari
46 Project of Urobah Street - Zahran company for maintenance and operating
47 Project of Fal AlSuadiyah LTD
48 Establishment of Amzan For construction
49 Project of Saudi Holand Bank
50 Project of Sader Group
51 Project of Alsaad for Trading and constructions
52 Project of Alqusaibi For constructions
53 Project of King Fahad hospital (Almansouriah Establishment)
54 Project of Nova Farm
55 Project of Amaar Projects
56 Establishment of Saudiyah Alemerah
57 Saudi Qubris Company for building LTD
58 Establishment of AlSouwaan for constructions
59 Sahari for constructions
60 Office of Modicor head- Aijubail- Nasser alhajeri company
61 Fahad Abdulkareem Amohajel and Brothers Company
62 National Dispensary in Hail- Mansour Bin Alocjail Alamari Alshamar
63 Building of Fand Abdulkare
64 Saad Aldarini Riaydh
65 Nafia Eissa - Hail
66 Center of Trading in Dammam
67 Center Algharbiayh for Engineering Consultations
68 Commercial Building at Riyadh
69 Center of medical Mired
70 Arabic National Bank (Wall - Counter) Provide and Install all branches Rayan, King Abdullah, Hail and provide only for Tahlia Badiya