Sindbad Aljazera

About Us

Sindbad Aljazera Companies are Saudi owned company founded in 1416. SAJCO business activities include: Building Materials Trading. Residential &Commercial Protects Contracting such as Civil Works, Electromechanical work, Aluminum, Curtain walls, Wooden Works, Industrial kitchens and laundries supplies.


"To adhere to and sustain a customer-focused approach in sales arc implementation and maintain a high standard of operational functionality while providing progressive working environment to our employees. If we choose one word to categorize our mission at SAJCO, it would have to be "TRUST”. The trust our customers manufacturers, suppliers and employees have place in us is the impetus behind our continuous efforts improve.”


“To become a multi-national companies in the Gulf &. Middle East, and establishing a construction related company that will develop in mapped phase to expand into the Operation &. Maintenance fields."